The American President

Topics: The American President, President of the United States, Rob Reiner Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: May 29, 2006
"The American President," directed by Rob Reiner is portraying everyday problems the president has to face along with hidden political issues that concern his presidency. The movie begins with Andrew Shepherd, a role played by Micheal Douglas who's a widow president with a young daughter and is currently running for his second term. He is counting on his crime bill to cinch the result of the upcoming political struggle. In the movie there is an organization called "Global Defense Council" who have been trying to pass an environmental law but have not succeeded so they have hired Sydney Ellen Wade, a political strategist and an environmental lobbyist who is pro for the environmental law. As the movie continues Andrew Shepherd has sixty-three percent of approval rate at the beginning, later on in the movie the rate will drop due to his personal problems, media, and other candidates.

The first mistake made by Andrew Shepherd was that he asks her to accompany him to an official State dinner, and the next morning all the papers are calling her the "President's girlfriend". At this point Rumson seizes this opportunity to strike Andrew Shepherds leadership skills by arguing that he has a affair going on in the white house and is not able to lead the country, Rumson ties this in with the bombing in Lebanon and the fact that shepherd has never served in the arm forces. The media takes this and elaborates more into depth and this basically is beginning down fall for shepherds campaign.

Personal problems take a major issue in his election. As I mentioned before that shepherd is a widowed president. Every person has the right to their personal life and shepherd being a widow wanted that personal life that did not concern with politics and government. Shepherd was taking a step towards completing his family, which had nothing to due with how he governed the country and maintained his oath of office. Despite all of this I think that personal life/problems have nothing to...
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