The American Pageant: 14th Edition Notes

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: April 3, 2013
APUSH American Pageant 14th edition Chapter 34 Notes (21 terms) 1.London economic conference (1933): a 16 nation economic conference organized to stabilize international currency rates. Franklin Roosevelt’s decision to revoke American participation contributed to a deepening world economic crisis. 2.Good neighbor policy: a departure from the Roosevelt corollary to the Monroe doctrine, the good neighbor policy stressed nonintervention in Latin America. It was begun by Herbert Hoover but associated with Franklin D Roosevelt. 3.Reciprocal trade agreements act (1934): this act reversed traditional high protective tariff policies by allowing the president to negotiate lower tariffs with trade partners, without Senate approval. Its chief architect was Secretary of State Cordell Hull, who believed that terrorist Darius choked off foreign trade. 4.Rome Berlin axis (1936): Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler, in Fascist Italy, led by Benito Mussolini, aligned themselves together under this nefarious treaty. The pact was signed after both countries had intervened on behalf of the fastest leader Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War. 5.Johnson Deb’s default act(1934): steeped in ugly memories of World War I, this spiteful acts prevented debts risen nations from borrowing further from the United States. 6.Neutrality acts of 1935, 1936, in 1937: shortsighted acts passed in 1935, 1936, in 1937 in order to prevent American participation in a European war. Among other restrictions, they prevented Americans from selling munitions to foreign belligerents. 7.Abraham Lincoln brigade: idealistic American volunteers who served in the Spanish Civil War, defending Spanish Republican forces from the fastest Gen. Francisco Franco’s nationalist coup. Some 3000 Americans served alongside volunteers from other countries. 8.Quarantine speech open parentheses 1937): an important speech delivered by Franklin Roosevelt in which he called for “positive endeavors” to “quarantine” land...
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