The American Indian Movement Analysis

Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: September 15, 2016

The current protest is connected to the long history of Native American. History of policies against the native people through colonial and genocide policing. In these ways, the habitats of the indigenous population are eliminated and displaced from their native land. North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux tribe are among the Native American tribes. The tribe has protested against construction of Dakota Access Pipeline. Their story covers the Native American history and oppression the Natives have suffered over centuries. AIM started as a movement to transform policies into programs (Warrior & Smith, The American Indian Movement, p. 7). The movement stands for protection of treaty rights and culture and spirituality conservation. Over the years, the movement has successfully accomplished their vision of fighting for the Indian American rights (Wittstock & Salinas, p. 1)....

In 1972, AIM presented claims before the President of the United States. The claims were presented by the Native Nation representatives who wanted to bring equality among the people of America (Wittstock & Salinas, p. 2). Through AIM, the Indian people have successfully enjoyed their sovereign rights of being free citizens. In 1964, the government pursued a policy that allowed relocation of Indians to the city. The BIA officers offered the Indians who were seeking brighter future in cities tickets and job seeking assistance (Warrior & Smith, leap of faith, p. 5). Although AIM lacks solid connections to reservations, the movement continues to play a major role in fighting for the Indians in America. The Federal Policy is a government policy aimed to assimilate the Indians into the American society. The Policy was enshrined by the Dawes Act which decreed that Indian land be divided into plots which were to be allocated to the Native...
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