The American Heart Association

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The American Heart Association
Lateisha Bellmon
Ruthann Vaughan

In the United States heart disease victims and survivors is the voice of the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association worked on educating public on both the prevention and dangers of heart disease in 1915. Physicians and social workers banded together to release information on heart disease. Other cities performed societies modeled after the one in New York. In 1924 the AHA wanted to share research findings and promote further studies. 1941 the president Dr.White described ignorance about heart disease. AHA included hundreds and thousands of physicians and scientists to overcome the ignorance. 1930’s AHA considers their activities to the public. The American Legion donated 50,000 for the AHA community rheumatic fever program in 1946. Nineteen forty eight the AHA reorganized and looked for medical volunteers, communication, public education, community organization, and fund raising. In late 1948 the AHA made a network radio contest. (The Walking Man, “On the Truth or Consequence program.) The AHA had many contributions to the Walking Man’s identify. $1.7 million was netted that before Jack Benny was identified as the “Walking Man.” New York City national staff began to organize American Heart Association. February 1949, the first national fund-raising, raised $2.7 million. The American Heart Association has grown in financial resources, involvement within medical, and volunteers, and influence since 1949. National Centers moved from New York City to Dallas in 1975. To serve affiliates and local divisions nationwide, National Net-workers divisions’ local AHA organizations to provide research, education, and community programs. Between 1980 and 1986, AHA completed significant internal changes. The AHA guidelines developed for the nation’s health care system. During the next few years public health association became more visible champion. AHA in large in...
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