The American Dream! What Is It?

Topics: United States Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: April 9, 2013
What Freedom Means To Me
To me, freedom means each moment, of each day, of each year, I can do all things, or at least try to do all the things that I desire. To me freedom means being able to show happiness, sadness, and anger in public. To me freedom means feeling safe, confident and secure in my life. Freedom is being able to have a voice and letting it be heard. I think freedom means having the right to make my own choices and decisions in life. Freedom allows me to love and hate. Freedom allows me to buy, own and sell. It allows me to come and to go places. Freedom allows me to obtain the things I want and to discard the things I don’t want. Freedom is waking up in the morning with sunshine even when the sun rays aren’t penetrating through the clouds. Because of freedom I can dream of being the President of the United States one day or the mother of many children, unlike others in different countries. Freedom is possible for me and everyone in the United States of America because of our countrymen and women. There are people who have and still are sacrificing, bleeding and dying for it. I realize that my freedom came with a great price. For all the men and women who fought for my freedom, I do greatly appreciate you and what you have sacrificed for me and the people of this great nation.

Written By: Michaela Denise Baldeh
Christ The King School
Grade 6.. 2013: Grade:10
Elks Lodge
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