The American Dream of Education final rough draft

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Karen Paskevichyan
Prof. Sapra
The American Dream of Education
Have you ever wondered how far your education can take you? Everyone wants to live The American Dream, and with that dream comes The American Dream of Education. Society expects us to do well in school and graduate with the highest degree in college. This does not come easy to most Americans. John Taylor Gatto the author of “Against School” says “help kids take an education rather than merely receive a schooling.” (143). What Gatto means by saying that is that even though we are given the opportunity for a free education we still must choose between just receiving the education, because it’s the law, or being focused and motivated and take the education given to us and make something of it. As humans, our minds are very adaptable to our environment and will mimic the ways of the people surrounding us in some circumstances. We may not always be aware of what we are learning 24hours, 7 days a week, but our minds are always growing to adapt to our surroundings. We must be given the right educational support from early childhood from the first year of elementary to our high school graduation day. Failure to do so will damage the ability for our minds to focus on the importance of education and even wanting to continue pursuing the path of furthering our education in college. This is even more difficult for foreign students. Coming from a different country and receiving something new like free education is a big life changer and sometimes it takes a long time for us to realize what we are given.

My family and I moved to America when I was at the age of 4 so we too can live the American Dream. It was already too late for my parents to learn the new language but they wanted the best education for me, and moving to America has given me a better opportunity to engage with my education and made me want to do something with my life. I want to pursue my dreams of making something out of...

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Gatto, John Taylor. “Against School” Rereading America 9th Ed. Gary Colombo. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2013. 141-149.
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