The American Dream Is the Dream of Prosperity and Freedom

Topics: James Brown, American football, United States Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: December 4, 2008
The American dream is the dream of prosperity and freedom that all people living in America share. We have all heard the stories of people who came to America with no money and no family and have successful in ways that would have been impossible in there home country. It seems that these immigrants dream about the simple things such as housing and safety, stuff that most Americans take for granted. While for people who have livid in America there whole life may dream of more materialistic things. I personally do not know of any one who has lived the American dream but I believe that you would be able to tell if someone was living there dream because you would be able to see how grateful they are for living in America and having all the opportunities it has to offer. There are many was to get the American dream but you have to live in America and be hard working. There may also be a little luck tied into if you can obtain the American dream. The American dream is defiantly real people get all the time you just have to try really hard and be a little lucky. I think everyone is trying for the American dream whether they know it or not because everyone dreams of becoming successful and living happily. So I am definitely trying for the American dream because I want to be able to live well and provide for my family. If I work for it anything is possible.
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