The American Dream

Topics: Salvador Dalí, Museum of Modern Art, Missouri State University Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: September 27, 2005
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"Time rushes by and yet time is frozen. [It's] funny how we get so exact about time at the end of life and at its beginning." This quote by Helen Prejean shows the importance that time has played in many American dreams. Part of my American dream is to let time play less of a role in my life and to go experience life at the pace I want to and achieve my goals how I want to. My family has always had the same philosophy about time, and is very supportive of my primary goals: going to college, becoming a high school teacher, and being a loving husband with my own great family. Salvador Dali's "Persistence of Memory" helps to reflect my idea of time "melting" out of need and Emily Dickinson's poem "Because I Could Not Stop For Death" shows the fast pace that many Americans have put their lives in, which is exactly what I would like to escape from.

Learning has been a passion of mine since I was very young, which has been sparked by my family and by teachers. Being a teacher would be important to me because it would allow me to pass on my passion of learning to other high school students while allowing me to spend time with my family that I dream of having. I hope to make my dream achievable by attending college at Southwest Missouri State University (by the time I enroll there, it will have become simply Missouri State University) where I plan to major in math and minor in history. I plan to marry someone who will complement my abilities and quirks well, and will want to start a family with me. This is a dream that I see as accomplishable and a dream that will make me happy. Parents are influential in every high-schoolers life. My parents and family have been supportive of any dream that I cook up, especially the ones that are reasonable. My Hooker Page 2

parents help encourage my dream by their lifestyles, meaning that family alone can help make a person happy. I want to continue this influence onto my children and show them that money is not...
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