the american dream

Topics: American Dream, James Truslow Adams, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: May 29, 2014
“The American Dream”

The American dream, isn’t this what everyone is chasing? Isn’t this why people work so hard and go to extreme lengths just to achieve this “Dream”? Owning a home, having a family, and basically living care free is the “dream” that is projected, but is this goal that so many people are told to strive for even obtainable? There is a belief that once this goal is achieve all the troubles will some how fly out the window, but sadly that isn’t true. The American dream itself is nothing easy to gain, and the quest for this dream can tear anybody that isn’t ready apart. Through Jackson’s “The Residue Years” and Diaz’s “This Is How You Lose Her”, they were able to show how difficult it is to achieve the “dream” and how the journey could affect not only the person striving for it but also the people around them. With both of their unique writings styles they are able to let the reader feel connected with the person on a personal level. Champ from “The Residue Years” and Ramon from “This Is How You Lose Her” are two characters that are working towards the American dream, but don’t see how everyone around them is affected by their actions. At times chasing a certain dreams can cause a person to neglect the people and situations around them. The odds are already stacked against anyone who is not white, especially when trying to achieve the American dream or should i say "White Dream". The problem with a lot of people are they are trying to obtain something that is not for them, for example the American dream is a belief that has been already thought out for everybody, and if this dream isn’t met then a person is considered unsuccessful. Why chase a dream that was only meant for certain people, like Champ said “You’re right, not everything’s about race. But what if this is? (Jackson 80)”. Champ is trying to reach this goal and keep his family from falling apart while trying to provide for his girlfriend, mothers, and two little brothers by...
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