The Amazing Soccer Player Pele

Topics: Pelé, North American Soccer League, FIFA World Cup Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Call him the “God of Soccer”, or “The King” or just simply “Pelé”. Whatever you call him, the memories remain the same. With every touch of the ball, Pelé was capable of conjuring up something new - and beating his opponents in the process. A killer instinct near the goal, Pele was as close to perfection as any player could get. There were other amazing players in the Brazilian team of 1960s and 1970s; however, the breathtaking skills of Pele credited Brazil as the best in world soccer. Pelé is still the most recognizable soccer player in the world. Even though more than thirty years have passed since he retired, he still represents the sport and inspires a lot of athletes. He was raised in a poor family in the village of Tres Coracoes. He first learned to play the game from his father, the famous player Dondinho, who was his biggest motivation. Once a kid, he used to play for a middle league team where he played as a goalkeeper Discovered by Waldemar de Brito at the age of eleven, Pele was earned a spot in the team Santos with 16 years old. In his first game, he conquered the crowd and the National team’s coach. He made in the team and in 1958 he went to the Soccer’s World Cup, winning as the best player of the competition. He was a huge example for poor kids and black people teaching them that with hard work, you can conquer the world. He got injured several times, but he would always come back stronger than before. After his second biggest injury, he came back in 1970 and played the best World Cup of his career. Scoring his glorious goal in the last five minutes of the game, Pele won his third World Cup. He was the only athlete that ever got this far. He still keeps his world record for scoring 1280 goals in 1360 games. Pelé retired from the sport in 1974, but came out of retirement the following year to play in the North American Soccer League with the New York Cosmos for two seasons. His appearance in the NASL jumpstarted a national soccer craze never seen...
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