The Amazing Rubidium

Topics: Rubidium, Caesium, Robert Bunsen Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: December 13, 2010
To start off this amazing element has just a little bit of history to it. At first when I heard about this element I thought it was some type of gas but it can turn it to a liquid at a certain type of liquid. But is actually a very shiny type of metal. Rubidium was discovered by Kirchoff and Bunsen in 1861 through the use of a spectroscope. Rubidium metal can be made by minimizing rubidium chloride with calcium with other substances. The cost of this metal in small quantities is approximately 25 U.S. dollars a gram. This element is obtained in the earths crust which is very useful to people. It is the sixteenth most abundant element in the earth crusts which is very common.

The exact atomic mass of Rubidium is 85.4678. The color of this element is a silvery white. The odor of this element smells like a dense type of liquid metal. Rubidium can be both a liquid and a solid at room temperature. It reacts violently with potassium and caesium. This reaction is so strong that it is possible that usually it could light on fire to a yellowish color. Rubidium acts violently with many things like gold, cesium, sodium, and potassium. The density at room temperature of rubidium is exactly 1.532g cm -3 and the density of rubidium at its liquid state is 1.46g cm -3. The melting point of this element is 312.46 K, 39.31 C °, and 102.76 ° F and the boiling point is 961 K, 688C °, and 1270 ° F to be exact. Rubidium for me is a type of element that is very dramatic because it reacts with many other elements and is a good conductor of electricity which can generate an electrical current. Rubidium can conduct electricity because its ions forms heat at a high temperature and goes through a magnetic field and therefore it is a good conductor of electricity. The things that I think that’s interesting about rubidium are that it is used in vacuum tubes as a material that combines with and carries away gases from vacuum tubes. It is also used in the manufacture of photocells...
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