The Amazing Life Experiences and Achievements of Dr. Traci Lynn

Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: April 20, 2012
The amazing life experiences and achievements of Dr. Traci Lynn is truly remarkable. Often times referred to as a “Success Coach”, she has touched the lives and motivated thousands of people around the globe to both overcome fear and pusue their dreams. She is an award winning Entrepreneur, Internationally Renowned Motivational speaker, Author, wife, mother, Evangelist, and TV talk show host. She also built her highly esteemed jewelry business, Traci Lynn Jewelry, from the ground up. She did so with only $200, a basement, and a dream. Her unbelievable accomplishments and mark in time as a speaker is truly inspirational and moving.

Dr. Lynn states her mission is “passing the MIC”: motivate, inspire, change. My goal is to motivate people to step out of their comfort zone, inspire them to greatness, and to change their lives. It’s about letting people know that they can do anything they set their mind to if they see the bigger picture. We have the power to change our own financial future and our destiny.” “I believe in chasing the dream,” Lynn says. “I don’t chase the money. And because I chase the dream and not the money, I can love freely. I love the consultants and they know that.” I feel that Dr.Lynn's stress on dreams and happiness, rather than wealth speaks volumes in itself. Few times in the world today do we come across an individual with such great morals and values. In addition, Traci is also a Multiple Unit Owner in the Rita’s Italian Ices franchise. She maintains three free standing units with over sixty employees in a seasonal environment.

She is first hand familiar with the day to day demands - customer service, recruiting, training, managing - of a franchise as well as the long terms goals of development - branding, increasing customer base. Being such a successful businesswoman and multi-tasker sets such a positive example of a role model for the youth and world today. The development of her employees has been key to the growth of the...
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