The Alexiad - Anna Comnena

Topics: Alexios I Komnenos, Fear, Marriage Pages: 4 (1400 words) Published: December 4, 2008
Comnena used her ability of literature to write a work showing readers the truth behind her father, and his actions. She was determined to bring out to the world the truth behind her father, and tell his story of victories, emotions, and charity. Although she tried to keep her opinion to a minimum it seemed to seep through her words. Alexius I was a victorious emperor, who was militarily successful and wise. Anna Comnena showed her fathers military success in the battles, and described his powerful character through his ‘new formation’, the founding of the orphanage and the illness that lead to his death.

He sent a messenger to his own ‘folk’ to state that the Roman army was heading their way, following the messenger were his own men dressed in the armor of the Romans holding up the heads of the defeated. When Alexius’s folk saw this they were overflowing with fear and panic, although Palaeologus knew the emperor’s inventive genius was not fooled by the joke. When the folk realized that it was a misleading joke they became furious, although they did not see that this was the emperor’s way of building fear in them so that they are ready to be faced with anything that comes their way. The genius behind Alexius’s thinking technique was to plant fear and promptness in his soldiers and inhabitants. This was his way of keeping them prepared for anything that may come unexpected.

Anna Comnena continues book eight in her work with the promise of a marriage. The marriage between the emperors’ daughter and Theodore Gabras’s son Gregory was a mere promise; for the two were still underage, although Gregory was to be taken under the wing of the emperor until the two were legal of age. Soon Gabras’s wife passed and he married a second time to a woman of noble blood, although she and the sebastocrator’s wife were daughters of two brothers. This eliminated any chances of the marriage continuing, for the law and the canons of the church forbad the marriage of being...
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