The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho - Book Report

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The Alchemist – Book Report

"The Alchemist" is a fascinating, breath-taking drama novel, written by the amazing Paulo Coelho. The story begins with Santiago – a young lonely shepherd, who just woke up after spending his night in an abandoned church in Spain. Santiago makes his way to Tarifa to do some business. While he's there he pays a visit to a Gypsy woman who interprets dreams. He told her about his recurring dream: There is a girl who takes him to the Pyramids in Egypt and she tells him that this is where he'll find a hidden treasure, and when is about to point at the direction of the treasure, the dream ends. The Gypsy told him he should go to the Pyramids, and he will surely find a treasure there. After leaving the Gypsy's place, Santiago sat down on a bench, where he met an old man who turned out to be wise king. They talked for a while and the king told him, just like the Gypsy, that he will find a hidden treasure at the Pyramids. He also told the boy that he had discovered his destiny. Before going for his way the king told the boy to follow the omens that God has left for him – they would guide him to his treasure. So the boy sold his flock and went to Africa.

When Santiago got to Africa his money was stolen, and he had to work in a crystal shop for a year in order to get some money.
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