The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho Analysis

Pages: 5 (1167 words) Published: November 24, 2016

How did you become interested in Wake Forest University and why are you applying?

Months ago, when I was still lost and confused, but completely immersed in the college searching world, there happened to be a college fair in my home city of Guayaquil. There, I visited various stands looking for a university where I could picture myself living. I was looking for a college with a strong Economics or Finance program, a beautiful campus, and dedicated staff. It was then when I stumbled upon Wake Forest. The representative, Nomair Alam, was an alumni and managed to describe his undergraduate experience vividly. A quick look at the campus coupled with the officer’s enthusiasm peaked my interest. As usual in my generation, I got home and went...

An excellent example is a book I read this summer named ¨The Alchemist¨ by Paulo Coelho. The novel is about a young Spanish shepherd who dreamt of a buried treasure at the pyramids of Egypt. As the dream becomes recurrent, he meets a wise king that tells him to have the courage to follow his vision. The wise king is a godlike figure that reveals his secrets to the shepherd. Among them, he tells him that the world’s greatest lie is that there is a point where humans lose control of their future, due to fate or obligations. In other words, the king is saying that people will always have control over their destiny. Also, the reason for unhappiness is that people don’t follow their fate either because of fear of failure or fear of what society thinks of them. The book dives deeply into the themes of being self-reliant, true to you and being humble. This book should be required during high school, especially junior and senior year, where many teenagers are anxious and unsure about the future. A book that invites students to follow their passions despite the fear of failure is essential to today’s future...

I have yet to tackle the problems of government corruption (Something I hope to do after my time in Wake Forest). However, I have worked alongside charities to gather funds for families struck with unimaginable and outrageous misfortunes. Last April an earthquake of 7.8 on the Richter scale hit the coast of my country, thousands of families became homeless and jobless. I immediately volunteered at centers to distribute resources to the affected areas; I then led a campaign at my school, and helped commit a thousand dollars’ worth of aid through the National Honor Society chapter. The affected areas have been rebuilt. However, poverty still looms over every corner of Ecuador; it is because of this that I will continue doing social work in hopes of...
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