The Alamo Drafthouse

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Market Position Map for Alamo

When we compare Alamo with its competitors in terms of two attributes: Food Quality and Movie Selection as axes, the result that we come up with is: Food quality of Alamo is good enough when we compare it with other competitors. Alamos’ movie quality is finest selection of sophisticated types of movies, since they screen generally cult movies. Also we can infer it from the famous people came there in the past such as Robert Rodriguez who hosted a special double feature of El Marciachi and Quantin Tarantino, director of Pulp Fiction.

Target Market Segments:
The Alamo’s programming is divided into two categories, second-run features and special events. These movies are carefully picked to demand to the Alamo’s customer demographic: smart 25-40 years-olds who have a classy taste in film. Special events falls into two categories:

·Austin Film society events and cult films. The cult films appeal to a different demographic: 18-30 years-olds, mostly male, who are regular alcohol consumers and are customers of less mainstream. ·‘Special events’ market segment is mainly based on : Italian Westerns which feature all–you-can-eat spaghetti, and silent films with live accompaniment by local bands and Austin’s thriving filmmaking community who are some film makers to speak at special engagements.

Service Concept
·Alamo Drafthouse’s main product is “movies”
·Also serves a variety of beer and wine and offers appetizers, hot sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and dessert · Service design has a better system than the other theaters that are in the same industry. · Has a service between no-service theaters and full-service ones. · Unique way of service without any verbal contact, which can distract customers’ during the movie.

·Customers write down their selections on a paper from the menu and put in a metal stand where it can be seen by waitperson. ·Possibility: to...
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