The Alamo

Topics: Battle of the Alamo, Davy Crockett, James Fannin Pages: 5 (1597 words) Published: February 22, 2014

Commander William B. Travis,

February 21, 1836,
I, Commander William B. Travis, have received word from one of my scouts that Santa Anna and his army are on their way here. My first priority is the safety of the few families, women, and children who still remain in San Antonio. That is one of the reasons why we are evacuating everyone to the Alamo. Also, the large Spanish mission will provide much space and the 3 feet thick and 12 feet high walls will defend well against cannons. For now, we must prepare and hope god has blessed us.

February 22, 1836,
We have moved everyone to the Alamo where they may be safe, for now. Although the Alamo serves as a small fort, we are very low on supplies, medicine, ammunition, and food. Cannons have been positioned along the mission’s walls, the few supplies we do have, have been dispersed, and rifles are at the ready. I have appreciated my men and their faithful commitment, for we have been able to prepare for the inevitable.

February 23, 1836,
Alas! Our lookout has spotted Santa Anna’s army. What a massive score of soldiers! There must be at least six-thousand, all with there swords gleaming in the sun. I myself only command a hundred, eighty-seven men. Might there be of any way that our luck may change? Oh, but there is! I must organize two groups of men; one who will fire the rifles while the other continuously loads and readies them. In this way, a soldier may have three or four rifles at his side and be able to shoot four times in the same amount of time a Mexican soldier shoots once.

February 24, 1836,
Our shots rang out proudly and we have not lost as to a single man. To hold them off like this, I don’t know if we can. Also, Commander James Bowie has fallen to illness and fights to stay conscious while I take full command of the Alamo. So now I have sent a messenger whom carries my letter to the people of Texas and the Americans of the world. I have stated that we have sustained a continuous bombardment from Santa Anna’s army and they receive reinforcements daily. They have demanded surrender, in which I have answered with a cannon shot. I have called for reinforcements, but if this call is to be neglected, I shall hold out for as long as possible and die with great valor. Victory or Death!

February 25, 1836,
We still stand strong with all our men accounted for and our flag waves proudly in the air. I am glad to have the famous frontiersmen Davy Crockett and James Bowie on my side for we need every man we can get. That is why I had scouts leave this morning to seek out additional soldiers and provisions while the rest of us stay to fight the assault on the Alamo. Hundreds of Mexican soldiers took cover in some abandoned shacks near the Alamo and I sent Texans to burn down the huts. They suffered two deaths and four injuries. We however, were able to drive them out without any casualties.

February 26, 1836,
There hasn’t been any kind of break in their bombardment. I have lost two good men, and eight snuck through the enemy’s lines and joined our force. This gives us hope that more are on their way, but my men grow restless. Today, a large force under Colonel James Fannin’s command is expected to arrive from Gonzales, but I have not received any word from him. Until then, we are once more on our own.

February 27, 1836,
Where is the Colonel?! He was to be arriving here yesterday. I shall send Samuel G. Bastian to see what the matter is and to get them here as soon as possible. We are getting low on ammunition and I have told the soldiers to be more precise with their shots and to reuse the enemy’s cannon balls that have made their way into the mission. My men have been fighting strong. We just need to keep it up until we can get help. Santa Anna’s army is ruthless, but so are we.

February 28, 1836,
Bastian encountered my messenger and Lieutenant George C. Kimble who...
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