The Airasia Company Strategic Management: “ How Airasia Can Be a Leader in the Lowest Cost Carrier in the Airplane Industry”

Topics: Airline, Low-cost carrier, AirAsia Pages: 20 (6044 words) Published: July 13, 2011
Nowadays, the competition among airplane industries is very tough. According to Daniel Chan (2000), with just about two years to go to the turn millennium, air wars over Asia are hotting up, with some of the world’s biggest airlines engaged in intense over Asian skies[1]. Each Of Airplanes Company in the world trying to conduct some strategies to compete with another competitor in their industry. A lot of airplane companies come out with different strategies to make their company better than their competitors. To compete with their competitor in the business environment, a company needs to make a strategy to achieve their long terms objective and can be successful for doing their business.

Moreover, to be successful in their long terms objective and their business, company need to identify their strategic management, because with good strategic management company can be achieving their vision and mission to achieve the successfulness in their business. Regarding this issues, the strategic management becomes important due to the following reason such as globalization to survival their business, and than e-commerce become the critical success to the company nowadays.

The two following reason are need to take into consideration, and than to be successful in the company management, a company needs to consider the company ability and how to integrating it with the as well as main factor in the internal and external factor. The main factor in the internal and external factor can be identified with SWOT analysis. The internal factor can take a look into strength and weakness in a company, and for the external factor, a company can look at opportunities and threats in the external environment.

Furthermore, according to Daniel Chan (2000), the airline industry is a unique and fascinating industry. It captures the interest of a wide audience because of its glamour, reach, and impact on the large and growing numbers of consumers/travelers worldwide[2]. Based on this statement, airline industry become the greatest opportunity for AirAsia. The growing numbers/travelers worldwide can be the wonderful opportunity for AirAsia for running their business. In addition, to captures and attract a customer to choose AirAsia as an airline option, AirAsia need to develop and create a wonderful strategy and come out with special offering to their customer to successfully in their business.

On this paper, I would like to identify and analyze the AirAsia Company strategic management: “ How AirAsia can be a leader in the lowest cost carrier in the airplane industry”. I’m interested to more deeply identify and analyze the strategic management in AirAsia Company because AirAsia have a lot of achievement and awards since year 2001 until present and than they have the greatest strategy which is can make AirAsia to be a leader in the world’s low cost carrier in airline industry.

And than, AirAsia is one of the companies with good company strategic management and has a successful story in the airplane industry in the world. AirAsia now becoming the leading low cost carrier airline in the world and the achievement that AirAsia received to ascertain that AirAsia is one of the best airplane companies. The achievement that AirAsia received in 2009 on the last awards and recognition is the best low cost airline in the world.

In Addition, on this paper will be structured into four sections. Section 1.0 is introduction, Section 2.0 covers about AirAsia Current issues, in this section will be discusses about why AirAsia need to consider a strategy, and AirAsia current issues. Section 3.0 mainly discusses about AirAsia business strategy, this section also will be discusses about why AirAsia stressed to be low cost carrier in airline industry, AirAsia SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat) analysis, and also AirAsia business strategy to solve the current issues. And than, section 4.0 would be the last section is conclusion for this...
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