The Age of Exploration (The Age of Discovery)

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The Age of Exploration (The Age of Discovery)
In the assignment, I research bout Vasco de Gama who is known as a Portuguese explorer, one of the most successful in the Age of Discovery and the commander of the first ships to sail directly from Europe to India. According to BBC History, he was born in 1460 or 1469 in Sines, on the southwest coast of Portugal, in a house near the church of Nossa Senhora das Salas. Portugal sponsored him because by the middle of the 15th century, they were the leading maritime nation in Europe, thanks largely to the legacy of Prince Henry the Navigator, who had brought together a talented group of mapmakers, geographers, astronomers and navigators at his school of seamanship at Sagres, in southern Portugal. The Henry's original intention had been to find a sea route to India that would give Portugal access to the lucrative trade in spices from the Far East. According to Modern History Sourcebook published by University of New York, even though he was compelled to return with the bare discovery and the few spices he had bought there at inflated prices, he still made a 3000% profit by the trade. Da Gama sailed from Lisbon that July with four vessels, traveling south along the coast of Africa before veering far off into the southern Atlantic in order to avoid unfavorable currents. The fleet was finally able to round the Cape of Good Hope at Africa’s southern tip in late November, and headed north along Africa’s eastern coast, making stops at what is now Mozambique, Mombasa and Malindi (both now in Kenya). With the help of a local navigator, da Gama was able to cross the Indian Ocean and reach the coast of India at Calicut (now Kozhikode) in May 1498. Although, his original intentions were known to find new trade route to Asia and to trade for spices and Jewels, his 1st journey had failed in achieving the main purposes which they tried to form an alliance with the local ruler and failing in making an intimate relationship with...
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