The After-Effect of Near Death Experiences on People

Topics: Near death experience, Afterlife Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Cameron Williams
January 27th 2010
Preliminary Outline
Topic: The after-effect near death experiences have on people Thesis: Near death experiences are known to have a profound impact on people’s lives. Outline

{Introduction}- After a person undergoes a near death experience, they tend to go through a variety of different feelings. From a sense of peace to having a need to go out and live life to the fullest, there are wide ranges of emotions people feel after a NDE. (Near Death Experience) I. Main Idea One- Need for greater religious purpose

A. Major Detail – First-hand Accounts from those who have had a NDE show just how differently near death experiences effect individuals. a. Minor Detail- There are a variety of sources which give accounts of a person’s NDE. b. Minor Detail- Studies have even documented the psychological effects of a person who has had a NDE.

B. Major Detail- The Different Feelings a person could have after having a NDE. a. Minor Detail- Some people tend to have a sense of wanting to live their life without fear. b. Minor Detail- In addition; some have the sudden feeling of seeking out a higher religious purpose.

II. Main Idea Two- The Religious aspect of a NDE

A. Major Detail- Why some people have the sudden urge to seek out a spiritual power. a. Minor Detail- Studies have shown many people tend to become more religious after having a NDE. b. Minor Detail- Many people feel that if they had a NDE, they have been given a second chance by god.

B. Major Detail- Some people sometimes lose their sense of religious purpose.

a. Minor Detail- After having a NDE, some feel that they have been let down by their religion. b. Minor Detail- Many people have reported feelings of loneliness and emptiness.

III. Main Idea Three- The Psychological Changes after undergoing a near-death experience.

A. Major Detail- Many...
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