The Affordable Care Act

Topics: Health insurance, Health care, Healthcare reform Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: November 1, 2014
Table of Contents
Overview of the Affordable Care Act of 2010
Pros and cons as a health policy
The impact on the views of the Democrats and Republicans •Discuss specific factors that contributed to the ability of the House of Representatives and the Senate to approve this legislation. •Discuss the impact on the American consumer

The Affordable Care Act objective is to decrease health care expenses through services presented to individuals at this time that can't acquire insurance. Individuals in society with no healthcare insurance regularly use hospital emergency departments as their primary care physician (PCP), which increases cost for everybody. Some advantages to Affordable Care Act are: Preventive services are free, which drops health care costs by handling illnesses in advance, so they won’t reach an expensive crisis. On behalf of individuals who don’t have sufficient amount of money for health insurance, the Federal government will compensate the states for adding individuals to the Medicaid program. The income condition is stretched out up to 133% of the Federal poverty level, roughly $31,000 for a family of four according to (The Affordable Care Act). Individuals who are not eligible for extended Medicaid is given tax credits. States are required to set up insurance interactions, or use the Federal government's exchange. Insurance businesses cannot reject children coverage for pre-existing illnesses. Insurance businesses can no longer drop someone from coverage when they have an illness. If a company rejects somebody’s coverage, that individual can go to an external appeals method. Parents can put their children up to age 26 on their health insurance plans. Obamacare does not relate to businesses with less than 50 employees at their company. Big businesses are obligated to offer health insurance, but receive tax credits to benefit staffs premiums. Disadvantages to Affordable Care Act do exist. There are...

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