The Affordable Care Act

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Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the new health care reform law in America and is often called by its nick-name Obamacare. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are made up of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, the Patient Protection Act, and the health care related sections of the The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act and the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act. It also includes amendments to other laws like the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act and the Health and Public Services Act The Affordable Care Act is a long, complex piece of legislation that attempts to reform the healthcare system by providing more Americans with affordable quality health insurance and by curbing the growth in healthcare spending in the U.S. Reforms include new benefits, rights and protections, rules for insurance companies, taxes, tax breaks, funding, spending, the creation of committees, education, new job creation and more. (

Since the new law was enacted in March 2010, CMS has worked together with state partners to identify key implementation priorities and provide the guidance needed to prepare for the significant changes to Medicaid and CHIP that will take effect on January 1, 2014. In particular, CMS has provided several forms of guidance and federal support for state efforts to develop new or upgrade existing eligibility systems. In March 2012, CMS released two final rules defining the eligibility and enrollment policies needed to achieve a seamless system of coverage for individuals who will be eligible for Medicaid beginning in 2014, as well as eligibility and enrollment for the new Affordable Insurance Exchanges. The final rules establish the framework for States’ implementation of the eligibility expansion going forward. A specific description of all of the major Medicaid and CHIP-related provisions of the Affordable Care Act as well as related policy guidance...
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