The Affect of Diffrent Colored Light on Plant Growth

Topics: Photosynthesis, Color, Light, Carbon dioxide, Plant, Oxygen / Pages: 5 (1071 words) / Published: Dec 13th, 2012
The Affect of Different Colored Light on Plant Growth

Puprose: Just as we are happier and healthier when we receive adequate sunlight, so are the plants and vegetation that we grow. Sunlight, or other means of artificial lighting is essential to help a plant grow into maturity. It is also necessary in aiding the plant to get the nutrients it requires to mature into a strong healthy plant. The process of the sun or other light helping to feed the plant is called photosynthesis. The light acts as an energy source to help the plant separate carbohydrates from carbon dioxide. Moisture mixes with this and turns into a glucose and feeds the plant. The plant in turn releases oxygen into the air to make the air we breathe cleaner. In our plant lab, we use the different colors of light to help our plant grow. We used red, blue, normal classroom lighting and no lighting for lab. The purpose of this lab whether or not light had an effect on plant growth and which color.
Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that the light colors red and blue’s plans will grow the most. I think that they will grow the most because they are the main to light colors that are absorbed by chlorophyll which therefore is a factor of plant growth. I also hypothesize that normal light will grow second most and that the no light plant will die.
Materials: 4 pieces the materials we will need are:
• 4 pots
• 4 parsley plants
• Soil
• Water
• Colored Transparencies: red and blue
• 2 lamps
• Tape
Methods: There are 11 steps you must follow in our lab.
1. Place 3 lamps on a table
2. Place the red and blue transparencies on the table
3. Cut 2 square pieces one red and one blue transparencies that would fit over the lamp.
4. Tape the transparencies on the lamp
5. Place lamps in three different cabinets and Plug the lamps in
6. Place 4 pots on the table and label them 1 to 4.
7. Put 1 parsley plant in each pot
8. Put 50mL of soil in each pot
9. 9our 150mL of water in each pot.
10. Place 1

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