The Aeneid; Books 7-9

Topics: Aeneid, Aeneas, Latinus Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Beginning in book seven, Aeneas and his crew sail up the coast of Italy till they reach the Tiber River. Latinus, the king, only has one daughter, Lavinia. She is liked by many, but Turnus appears most eligible for her hand. Latinus is worried about the prophecy so he talks to the oracle of Faunus. A voice tells the king that his daughter will marry a foreigner.

Aeneas and all his captains are taking it easy, easting fruit on the beach. They aren't full after the fruit so they eat the hard bread that they used as tables. They then realize and joke that they fulfilled the curse. Later, Latinus offers territory to Aeneas and asks if he would marry his daughter, Lavinia.

Juno however, is still mad. She just can't seem to keep the Trojans away from the shores, so she decides that she's going to delay the foundation of the city. she sends Allecto to Latium to get the natives angry at the Trojans. First, Allecto gets the Queen to oppose the marriage of Aeneas and Lavinia. Then, he infects Turnus and makes him angry about losing Lavinia. So Turnus gathers up his army and prepares for war against the Trojans. Ascanius goes off to hunt and wounds a stag that turns out to be a pet. The stag wonders back to its owner and dies. the owner of the stag sends people out to track down the hunter and the Trojans come to Ascanius's aid. many natives are killed and the war against the Trojans is about to begin.

In book eight, Aeneas gets his troops ready for a battle. The river god approached him and told him to form an alliance with the Arcadians. so he heads up the river, but it takes him several days to row up the river to the forest of the Arcadians. Once they arrive, King Evader gladly offers to help and invites Aeneas to a feast. Venus is incredibly worried about Aeneas and the war he is about to partake in. She talks to her husband and gets him to make new weapons for Aeneas. The next morning King Evader gathers his troops and sends them off. Since they now have so...
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