The Advantages of Technology.

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Vacuum tube Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: December 19, 2010
Nowadays people worry about effect of new technologies on our society, they suppose that the influence of the latest developments is harmful for their lives. However, there are many people who see the advantages of technology. First of all, the products of new technologies like electronic devices are very useful in daily life. People can save a lot of time by using computers, mobile phones etc. This is especially beneficial in the workplace where employees can handle their work faster than they could in the past by using computers and the Internet. Also, new technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet have revolutionized the way of communication and finding information. The new way of communication requires less number of spent time and money. As a result, the economy benefits. However, using new technologies could also have negative effects. Many people use electronic devices too intensive and they become addicted. Moreover, we consume a lot of energy by using and developing new technologies. This may cause a disruption in the atmosphere and climate changes. Besides, not the all products of new technologies are made for simplification human’s lives. Atomic bombs, guns, radiation etc – all this stuff was made with one purpose: to kill humans. So, new technologies aren’t always harmless for society. To sum up, I’d like to say that despite the fact, new technologies have lots of benefits, we must use them very carefully. We can’t say exactly if the development of new technologies will be harmless.
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