The Advantages of Studying Abroad

Topics: Learning, Decision making, Education Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Studying abroad has been a hotly discussed topic. Various reasons have been analyzed. My writing will critically present the main ones.

In the first place, study efficiency is what I put in my priority. It cannot be denied that students are greatly motivated when they study in another country. The national pride inside themselves encourages them to study harder in order to compete with foreign students. The desire to improve their country’s image is likely to boost their studious spirit. Therefore, their academic performances have a tendency to be remarkably improved. More interestingly, foreign education creates chances for students to study at colleges that have the best teaching quality and learning environment in a specific field of studies that they are in favor of. For example, German and Japan are the two most countries for their education in chemical industry. Students are able to learn from the best chemistry teachers and professors in the world. As a result, their learning is definitely developed. Without doubt, studying abroad enables students to haverst fantastic results.

In the second place, skill development holds no less importance. It is widely known that there likelihood for students to promote their time-management skill when they learn in a different country. They live on their own then and have no family support on completing household tasks. They also have to take part in many extra-curricular activities. They are forced to create a well-organized time table in order to have enough time for learning. Hence, their abilities to manage time are undoubtedly enhanced. More notably, only by studying in a foreign country can students heighten their decision-making skill. It is attributed to the fact that their parents are not around to make decision for them. They must determine everything by themselves. Additionally, there are lots of dangerous seduction they are bound to face in their independent life. It requires them the ability to resist...
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