The Advantages of Russian Educational Systems

Topics: Higher education, Student, Saint Petersburg Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Education plays an enormous role in every country. Economic, political and social situations depend on the educational level of any country. Therefore, Russia invests a lot of money in its public education system, especially in higher education. As a result, universities in Russia are constantly being developed and have advantages for students such as professional committees, international conferences, and internships. There are two positive aspects of professional committees in Russian universities. First of all, professional committees lend material assistances. For example, students who are needy or handicapped can get such benefits as social scholarship, food assistance, and discount on public transportation. Also, professional committees regularly organize trips with discount to the sanatoriums and camps. In addition, professional committees provide rooms in campus for international and nonresident students. Students who have rooms in campus must follow the community’s rules and pay minimum charge for rent every month; otherwise, they can be moved out or even expelled from university. In addition to material assistances, professional committees organize different activities. For instance, thanks to professional committees students can take part in sport competitions between universities. Also, students have the opportunity to develop and improve their moral qualities due to free or preferential tickets which are provided by these committees to the theatres and museums. For example, students in Saint-Petersburg can visit free of charge the various cultural events that take place in the best cultural institutions of the city, such as Russian Museum, Hermitage, Theatre of Opera and Ballet, and Mariinsky Theatre. In addition, such activities as miniatures, comedy clubs, theater and music groups that allow interesting and fun time for students are organized by professional committees too. Another advantage for students in Russian universities is international...
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