The Advantages of My Apartment

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My Apartment
A new family moving into the Vista community would have a plethora of housing options. There are just so many flashy ads and advertisements around. It can make finding a place to call home a true chore. But as many families have already found out, there are many reasons as to why the apartments in my neighborhood are some of the most sought after in Vista, CA. Especially in comparison to my previous residences such as Marine Corps barracks, my current apartment has many advantages that would make it a wonderful place any family would be proud to call home. First of all, for its size, the apartment is very affordable. During my 3 months of apartment shopping, I could not find a more sizeable apartment for the price I pay. It is only twelve-hundred dollars per month for two bedrooms and two bathrooms when some other properties charged nearly that price for a studio or single bedroom unit. Also, the rooms in the apartment are very large. We have a large master bedroom, and the guest bedroom is big enough for my wife and I to store all of our extra belongings as well as a twin bed and a computer workstation. In addition to those, my apartment also has an immense amount of storage space. There are walk-in closets in both bedrooms, extra storage outdoors, and there is even a walk-in pantry in the kitchen. Although, as much of a selling point the size and price were, if not for the great location, we still may have kept searching. Secondly, the apartment is in a great location. For one, it is very close to the business district. We are within a few miles of many grocery stores, shopping centers, movie theatres, and many other attractions. Also, it is within walking distance of several public transportation hubs. The buses and trains at these places travel all over, to San Diego and Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Another example of the apartments’ great location is that we are close to our friends. We live only minutes away from many...
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