The Advantages of Living in The Year 2006

Topics: Crime, Government Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: May 27, 2007
The most preferable year to live in would be 2006. In 2006 there is more freedom and it is a cleaner place. It's richer and has more opportunity. 1900 was dominated by crime and violence. It was much more restrictive socially for citizens.

In the year 2006 there is more freedom. People have the right to say their opinion or believe what ever they believe in. People can have their own cultures, religions and beliefs and be allowed to have them. In the 1900's this didn't exist. Everyone had to be the same and follow the country they were in. Everyone has a say in 2006, it's not like that in the 1900's. Sam hated being a 12 year old boy. He was in a hurry to grow up. He also wanted to have money. "I can't wait that long! Man, being twelve sucks" (pg 10).

2006 is richer and has much more opportunity for everyone. There is centre link for the non workers and pension for the elderly. Everyone in the community is taken care of. In the 1900's you're on your own. There is no government to help you. There are no universities or places to get a good education. People couldn't say their opinion. There was no democracy. It was a harsh time to live in. Civilians struggled to live, struggled to survive. They didn't have lots of resources to help them live their everyday life. It was hard to get food or water, no matter how hard you worked. "Everywhere they went, Tony argued about the prices with men in thick leather aprons that had pockets bulging with knives, flashlights and big rolls of cash. Sometimes he'd ask to see something else and keep frowning until the seller brought the price down". (pg13)

The 1900's were dominated by crime and violence. People would steal, do robberies and rob banks to get money. This was because they had no money to live. People would do these things to survive, to provide food and water for their families. The government didn't help the civilians at all, they provided no money. There were also lots of fights and violence over money and...
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