The Advantages of Internships

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The Advantages of Internships

Today, it seems as if more people are getting better experiences out of internships then they have in the past because students are doing the research to find the best internship experience suitable for them. If you are looking for an internship and want to gain valuable experience from it, not just to put it on your resume or get paid, here are some factors you may want to consider while searching for an internship.

Getting paid vs. unpaid

The majority of paid internships are found in large businesses. Some businesses that offer well paid internships are consulting, investment banking, commercial banking, accounting, information technology, venture capital, entertainment, and marketing. Whereas in entertainment and book publishing you may not find a paid internship because there are so many people trying to get into those industries. However you will find that most industries do offer some paid internships to attract talented students. Organizations are also realizing that students are motivated by paid internships simply to cover the basic necessities because most have to give up work in order to fulfill an internship.

Unpaid internships offer valuable work experience as well. There are a number of unpaid internships such as at non-profit organizations in your area, campaigning for your local congressman, working in a hospital lab, or legal assistant. The internship opportunities seem endless but what's most important is that you find an internship in your area of study and get the most of out it. Paid or not paid, you'll make connections, learn new things, and gain a better understanding of the field.

College credit vs. Non-Credit

Some colleges grant college credit for approved internships in hope of steering students toward real-world experiences that an internship can provide. Some schools even require students to be involved in an internship as part of their curriculum because they see the importance of...
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