The Advantages of Globalisation Far Outweighs Its Disadvantages. Discuss

Topics: Globalization, Capitalism, Economics Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Globalization is the obvious and logical eventuality of the capitalist system. Businesses seek higher and higher profit levels and to do this they must seek the lowest cost base possible and the widest markets available. This involves taking over, or eliminating, any competitors not big enough to stand up top them.

Then there is the pension effect. There are millions of people whose future income in retirement is dependent on the continuation of the rising stock market. Governments cannot - and dare not - do anything which would interfere with the pensions industry (which is as globalised as trade is) as they too depend on this industry.

Globalisation cannot and will not 'benefit' any country —> that is not it's purpose, and if it does begin to benefit any country to a very noticeable effect it will not be functioning properly and will need adjustment. It is not the business of business to benefit anyone but shareholders.

Local culture and tradition have always been threatened and damaged by life. Irish traditional culture has been 'dying' for years. The language is almost dead - Welsh is going too, Cornish is gone, this is evolution. Stasis is not a natural state, and in fact entropy is more normal. Minor languages die out, larger languages grow stronger, and then begin to fragment into subsets, dialects and eventually into new languages.

Movements against globalisation are to be welcomed, as is any struggle for human independence and dignity — but they are ultimately doomed to failure. The faceless ones win out as they have the financial power and the influence over those with the political power. America's long struggle against Communism was not - per se - the clash of purely political ideologies. It was to protect the business of America - which is Business with a capital "B" - Capitalism, and the way to do that was to protect the global market. Why else was there so much joy when Nixon went to China, and even more when he returned with promises...
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