The advantages of devolution outweigh it's disadvantages

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‘The advantages of devolution outweigh its disadvantages.’
Devolution is a complex process of constitutional reform whereby power (not legal sovereignty) is distributed to national or regional institutions within a state. The most well known in Britain is most likely the devolution of power in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where assemblies have been established in each of these areas. Devolution has many advantages and disadvantages; however, it is debatable as to whether or not the concept of devolution has more positive qualities than negative.

Since the late twentieth-century the demand for devolved regional powers has grown rapidly. Obviously this demand has come from the people of these regions, this means they are interested politics; therefore, if people are more interested in politics, it is likely that election turnouts would increase in times of more wide-spread popular sovereignty like general elections. This itself is an advantage of devolution. Certain regions have different needs; therefore, if a more local political body can tend to these more specific needs, the Government’s workload will be significantly reduced. Not only this but devolvement also allows Heads of state to address more national issues. In Britain’s case, England, especially around England’s cities like London and Manchester, have increased levels of pollution compared to Wales, which has its own devolved political body, The Welsh Assembly. In Wales however, pollution is not as big an issue, but is suffering in many ways due to a lack of public transport. Therefore, with Wales’ devolved powers, they can tackle this issue without using the time of Parliament when there are perhaps more urgent problems to address which are deeply affecting the rest of Britain. This advantage is similar to the previous one which is that devolution allows for more specific issues to be addressed, therefore helping decrease the effect of this problem on a more widespread issue. Devolvement will

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