The Advantages of Cloning

Topics: Human, Religion, Cell Pages: 1 (458 words) Published: February 24, 2013
For the last few decades, cloning was a fictitious idea that lay deep within the pages of some sci-fi novels. This idea is always a hope for all human kind because with cloning technology we may expand our life or make our life to be more advanced, something we never had. Some the cloning is a forbid technology for human because God made all living things and we cannot be God by cloning any living things. But, in my opinion cloning has its advantages for all humans and God will permit us to do so because he made us intelligent living beings. Some people might think that cloning is bad but I can see the advantages. First of all, cloning human beings can prove to be a solution to infertility. By cloning, it could make it possible for many more infertile couples to have children than ever before possible. On the other hand, it could cause imbalance of society, but it is just a small price to pay for the happiness and the fulfillment that a family would feel having their own off-springs. The second use of cloning can be used to treat diseases for example like reverse heart attacks. Scientists believe that they may be able to treat heart attack victims by cloning their healthy cells and injecting the cells into the areas of the heart that have been damaged, despite some arguments state that there is a higher rate of infection causing the clones not to survive the first week. Though, it is a true fact but technology can help in strengthening the clones to arrest these minor problems. Cloning can be used as the production of organs. Many people need organ donors but there are often not enough available and still the risk that the body rejects the new organ is high. Many patients with an implanted organ need to take a lot of medicine with side effects each day for the rest of their lives to make sure that their body accepts the organ. These side effects lower their life quality. Even though the risk of cloning is still unsolved and remains unknown to society but we can...
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