The Advantages and Disadvantages a Team

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The advantages and disadvantages a team.

A team is formed by two or more than people that they were work together to achieve one mission. A teams members also have a responsibility to attend a meeting, make a presentation and also have an effectively communication. Indirectly, when we create a team, we automatically involve facing with the problems or anything else that happened in a team. It was because; there are many advantages and disadvantages a team.

The first advantages a team are we can increase information and knowledge. The team members can share their information that they have each other. Indirectly, it would be helping the other team member that was still poor in the certain fields. In the other words, it is to support them to give more spirit. For example, give some motivational especially to the new member of team.

Next, increase diversity of view. This is happen because each members of team have an idea to give some suggestion to achieve a goal. The information and the suggestion that were given from the each member usually were different. So, from this situation the member directly get some knowledge about a new thing that they do not know. E.g. More experienced members can help, mentor and develop the less experienced members.

A team also can increase acceptance of a solution. It was because, through the discussion or meeting that usually a team member to do, at the end of the meeting a team member must have a solution or decision in anything problem that were happen. They were can make the quick decision when all of team member involve solving it. These situations were easier to achieve an objective a team.

The disadvantages a team is can be unproductive, frustrating, or counterproductive. It was because; sometimes team member mentality start to identify just with their own group or people that they closed and this harms relationships and communication between...
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