The advantages and disadvantages of social networking

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The advantages and disadvantage of social networking
Nowadays, social networking is a part of everyday life and it brings revolutionary changes in communication between people. Social networking has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages are allow us to communicate with our family, friends and relatives, obtain the latest news and help us to do our work easily. However, some disadvantages are teenagers may become addicted to social networking and a lot of unreliable information on the networking. In this way, we must be careful to use social networking and to identify the purpose of social networking that is positives and negatives. Firstly, one of advantages is social networking allows us to communicate with family, friends and relatives easily even though their location are not same. For example, we can use face to face service to communicate in different country by using social networking. We can share our feelings, pictures and a lot of stuffs to people that we are familiar. It can improve our relationship and also know in each other what their expression clearly. Next, we can also concern about their current situation directly. Secondly, social networking helps us to obtain the latest news. For instance, when we see the accident or special situation from outdoor, we can just capture the photo and post it on the social networking. So, we can obtain the latest news directly. From the news, we can take action to prevent accidents that have been highlighted in the news. That can also reduce the percentage of accidents or the percentage of crimes in Malaysia. That is good news for the world. Furthermore, social networking can help us to do our work easily, especially the students and the employees. Students can discuss the works or projects directly with their group members. It can give different kinds of ideas or suggestions easily. It can also culture teamwork at the same time. Employees can use the...
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