The Advanced Mobile Phone Benefit the Hong Kong People in Communication, Information and Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, Base station, Mobile phone radiation and health Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: November 5, 2013
The Advanced Mobile Phone Benefit the Hong Kong People in Communication, Information and Technology

Nowadays, it is a common scene to see everyone pointing their head down, holding their I-phone, Sony, Samsung Galaxy phone in Hong Kong recently. Some may think that people who are holding the mobile phone have lose communications with others, their parents, friends, and children, and lose many information about the world. In fact, the mobile phone nowadays have a lot of special function helping the Hong Kong people, in communication, information and entertainment. First and foremost, the gap between Hong Kong people can be narrowed down. The advanced mobile phone at present provide a huge number of communication platform for the user, such as Whatsapp and Wechat. With the help of the above communication platform, people can chat with others everywhere. Prasadjain notes in his article “Mobile Phone: Effects and Benefits” (2011) that it keeps people in constant contact with others they consider important and help them seek help immediately during emergency cases. Moreover, some applications like Facebook and Twitter is now available in the mobile phone, so people can share what they have done or what’s their feeling, as a result they can know more about each other. And the internet service providers help them surfing the net using their mobile phone in Hong Kong, so they can check their email frequently and need not to miss any important event or information. Besides, varies type of information can be easily accessed. Many searching engine are provided on the mobile phones, for example, Yahoo, Google, and Wikipedia. One research study conducted by Google (2013) states that about 61% of people use their mobile phone to research and found information. That means many people use those engine to find the information they need. Furthermore, with the help of the mobile phone applications, people don’t need to bring any heavy dictionary or electronic dictionary anymore....
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