The Adulterous Woman

Topics: Existentialism, Meaning of life, Albert Camus Pages: 5 (2052 words) Published: March 22, 2009
“Existentialism is the title of a set of philosophies that emphasizes the existence of the human being, the lack of meaning and purpose in life, and the solitude of human existence.” (Academic Resources Center Inc. 2007) According to research what I think is: in the philosophy existentialism, its trunk is discussed; there are two kind of life model, one is for their own lives without understanding and ignorance gives up the responsibility of the life, and another one is awakening about how they should do for the meaning of life. For the first life to the awareness of the meaning of the life is, that is a philosophy of the center point. No meaningful life, even still alive, these are nothing to worthwhile before. In the story The Adulterous Woman, also exposited the philosophy of existentialism’s significant. When person look back their own life before, after understand the life’s emptiness and absurd, responsible their own re-chose a meaningful and humane life, this kind of life is existentialism philosophy are pursue by the real presence. But when people face to their own life choices, they need courage’s cultivate, because of their choice of life is only for their own responsibility, therefore it has the pressure. Sometimes this kind of pressure will led some people to flee, and would prefer to choose muddle along secular life. Because they are worry about their choice if they fail on their own choice and need to bear the tragic consequences.But the existentialist choose a kind of life which with courage, so that they could become true existence. Albert Camus

Albert Camus, he was born in Algeria, in 1913. He is one the most famous French novelist, play writer, essayist, and journalist. Many people him as an Existentialist, but he himself preferred to known him as a thinker and a man, rather than be known as member of school or ideology. He likes people over ideas. In 1945, during an interview, he rejected any kind of ideological associations. He and Sartre always were surprised that why their names linked to that. According to (2003), “Albert Camus worked out an existentialist philosophy of absurdity, resulting from the report of the absence of God and of a sense of life.” Actually for Camus, awakening this kind of nonsense it s regarded as conquer of the clearness, and that allows bettering understand existence is by living in the reality and victory one’s freedom. Man can go beyond this kind of nonsense by against his situation and injustice. Camus spread his philosophy thinks and ideas through adapting the form to meaning. In order to expression for his own doubts and his ideas, he likes to use symbolic meaning of novels and theater plays to express his ideas and doubts. Exile and the Kingdom, this book is a “collection of six unusual, strange-ending stories will probably be of interest to a wide range of short story fans. Sometimes seemingly vague and symbolic (and with odd titles and endings), they are thoroughly enjoyable and readable. Though similar in complexity, subject matter and settings vary greatly: a woman joins her fabric-selling husband on a business trip, a detangled former missionary awaits his replacement, barrel makers strike, a prisoner is foisted on a schoolmaster, an artist works amidst ever-changing chaos, and an engineer visits inhabitants near the site of a future dam.”(Oak Harbor, 2007) Exile and the Kingdom, I think this is a strange, excellent and brief book. Actually there are also other strange stories: like Haruki Murakami’s Sleeping Woman, Blind Willow, etc. The book Exile and the Kingdom was published in 1957, the six stories which are: The Renegade, The silent Men, The Guest, The Adulterous Woman, Jonas or the Artist at work, The Growing Stone. In 1957, Camus won the Nobel Prize for Literature, at that time he was second youngest person who recipient the Nobel Prize. After three years, he was passed away in an automobile accident in 1960. (Source:...
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