The Admirer's of Cleopatra

Topics: Cleopatra VII, Mark Antony, Julius Caesar Pages: 4 (1330 words) Published: October 29, 2013

The Admirer’s of Cleopatra VII

“I will not be triumphed over.” This quote has been stated by one of the most influential and powerful women of our time. She was a courageous woman who was not only intelligent, but possessed a rare, exotic beauty that is talked about even today. This great empress is none other than the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. This glorious lady celebrated love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony which made Cleopatra VII one of the most interesting people who ever lived Cleopatra VII was born in 69 B.C. She became the Queen of Egypt at the age of 18 after her father’s death. She was forced to marry her younger brother, which was a royal tradition at the time. Cleopatra wanted to be the sole ruler, so she dropped her brother’s name and ruled alone for 3 years. When her brother’s advisors found out, they conspired against her and removed Cleopatra from her power and finally exiled her to Syria. However, being the stubborn queen she was, Cleopatra would do everything possible to regain her power. She decided to talk to the Roman General, Julius Caesar to seek a political alliance. Although Cleopatra knew it would be very difficult to speak to Julius Caesar, she devised a plan by smuggling into Alexandria wrapped inside a rolled rug in which she rolled out in front of Caesar. Julius Caesar was impressed by Cleopatra’s cleverness, and Cleopatra took this chance to seduce Caesar. Cleopatra’s charm allured Caesar, and he became Cleopatra’s lover. Hypnotized by Cleopatra’s charm, Cleopatra persuaded Julius Caesar to lead his army to capture and kill the people who removed her from power. Cleopatra’s brother Ptolemy XIII drowned in the Nile while trying to flee. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar wanted to get married because they were deeply in love. However, they Faiz-2

couldn’t according to Roman law because Caesar was already married, and this would be considered adultery....
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