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Topics: Film, Silent film, Stock market / Pages: 3 (595 words) / Published: Oct 30th, 2013
THE ACTOR 2011 In 1927, silent film George Valentin is standing for pictures outside of his latest film. When a young woman, Peppy Miller, accidentally hits into him. Valentin ignores it, and shows off the cameras. “The next day Peppy finds herself on the front page of newspaper with headline who is that girl” Later, she goes to auditory as a dancer for Valentins show. Like that she becomes more and more popular, and when the director of the kinograph studios decided to pass to “talkies”. George Valentin was a silent movie actor and he didn’t want to take part in talkies, so he fired himself. After that he didn’t had any job, and he was replaced by Pappy Miler. Soon in 1929 after stock market crash he was bankrupt. His wife kicked him out, and he moves into apartment. Peppy goes on and becomes the major Hollywood star. Later, the bankrupt Valentin is forced to auction off all his things, and fires Clifton, his driver, telling him to get a new job. Angrily, and drunk, Valentin angrily sat dawn and watched to his colection of his early films. He puts all of the movies together and puts them into fire, by the smoke and passes out inside the burning house, still clutching a single film box. After a policeman comes and rescues Valentin. Than people took him to hospital for his injuriese. Peppy visits him in hospital and takes him to her house. Peppy asks the director of the studio to higher Valentin. After Valentin learns that it was Peppy who bought all of his auction things, he return to his burnt apartment. Peppy arrives, panicked, and find that Valentineis is about to kill himself. Sadly Peppy remembers Valentins dancing ability, then she asks the director of the studio if he could let them if they can do musical show together. The artist 2011 is a very good example of talkies films replacing silent once. When I was watching this film I understood how a silent movie is like. And also

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