The Activity of an Judge Court

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My name is Saha, Kumar Gourab, I am a student of American International university of Bangladesh-(AIUB). This is my 10th semester. In this semester I have course Legal Environment In Business which is taken by my honorable faculty Mrs. Sabrina Zarin (Barrister of the Hon’ble Society of Lincolns Inn).

One day ago my honorable faculty told me to visit a Judge Court and make an assignment about my experiences to visit a Judge Court. I was totally confused. My mind was disturbed at first. Although I had heard about Judge Court, I had not visited it earlier. I always scared about to enter any court area. Despite all that I was excited for my dream to visit a judge court.

The day was 21st March 2013 Thursday, I warring black suit & tie, with white shirt and at first time I went to visit The District Judge Court at Narayanganj around 10am. One of my uncle is an civil lawyer of this judge court and he helped me to visit the court. The District Judge Court Narayanganj is situated in Fatulla, Narayanganj. This Judge Court was built in 1983. There work timing start on 10am and it closing time is 4pm but after 11:00am, The Cabinet Secretary Musharraf Hossain Bhuiyan announced that the day was a public holiday, applicable for all institutions including schools and banks, to mourn the death of President Zillur Rahman. That was the reason I could not spent much time on there.

At first when I reached the court area, I found a big gate which was main gate of The District Judge Court and saw four guards were stand in front of the main gate with arms. I entered the main gate and I saw a white color building with one pillar gambuj design with a large compound wall, in top of the gambuj the national flag was flying half-mast. When I entered the building I saw inside the building area there are lots of buildings are stand roundly with each other buildings and inside the round area there are a flower garden. The atmosphere of The District Judge Court area was full of noise. I was not acquainted with such atmosphere earlier.

My uncle took me to a room and introduced me to Mr. Asadur Zaman who is the public prosecutor of the District Judge Court of Narayanganj. He welcomed me asked my name and few question with my personal and my study background. He patted me on my back. I replied some of his questions promptly. He became pleased. He gave me his visiting card and also advised me to come again. I could not recognize when the quality of nervousness vanished from me. After then we went another cabin and my introduced me to Mr. Rokib Uddin who is the public prosecutor of Anti Women & Child Torturing Tribunal and then we meet with Mr. Humayun Kabir who is the government prosecutor of Land Law Department.

Although the day was public holiday that is why I could not recognized the full work activity of this of the court but I was visited approximately 10 courtroom or judgment room. I found several departments which I mentioning bellow: There was one courtroom for District Judge Court which is handling a few number of cases. They are: * Civil appeal

* Criminal miscellaneous
* Civil division
* Criminal division
* Transparent miscellaneous
* Session trial
* Prohibit case etc.
I found each courtroom and department has one Aslash sub-department and one Seresta sub-department. There are seven sub-department for Aslash and other seven sub-department for Seresta.

There was another courtroom for Anti Women & Child Torturing Tribunal. Mr. Rokib Uddin is the public prosecutor of this department. They have to face those cases which related with women and child torturing. Like * Women torture

* Rape case
* Early marriage case
* Child torture division etc.
I found each courtroom and department has one Aslash sub-department and one Seresta sub-department. There was four sub-department for Aslash and other four sub-department for Seresta. I was visited another courtroom which is...
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