The Acting White THeory

Topics: Barack Obama, African American, Democratic Party Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: February 20, 2014
The Acting White Theory
Despite being teen parents, my parents made the decision to not become a stereotype. In order for them to give their children the best, they chose to live in areas that offered the best public education. Growing up in a predominately white community, I have been given numerous opportunities to excel in my education that I may not have gotten if I grew up in an urban community. My parents often told me that I would struggle with fitting in and being teased, but to always focus on the bigger picture. I cannot express to anybody about the amount of times that I have been called the “whitest-black girl” or an “Oreo” because of the way I act, talk, and dress. So the question remains, of why being well educated and wanting to be successful in life has to be associated with race?

I was never the type of person to get angry or upset with someone if they stepped on my shoe, walked too slow, or looked at me the wrong way. We often find that people of the African American race are quick to scream and fight if they felt like they were done wrong. I knew that a good education would take me far in life, especially when most people do not have the chance to get one. That put me on the not so good list with the peers of my own race. In the article “Acting White” by Roland G. Fryer, the author agrees that African Americans, who strive to be successful, are not very welcomed amongst their own race. A graduate of Harvard University and a research associate, Fryer states that “When minority students reach the very highest levels of academic performance, even the number of cross-ethnic friendships declines. Black and Hispanic students with a GPA above 3.5 actually have fewer cross-ethnic friendships than those with lower grades, a finding that seems particularly troubling.”(Fryer) I know personally, I have seen more interracial couples and friendships than what would seem to be normal for our society. Shunned by their peers, most educated African Americans...

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