The Act of Compassion

Topics: Emotions, Empathy, Suffering Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: January 7, 2015
 Kim Lake
Becky Connolly
English 98/99
1 November 2014
The Act of Compassion
Compassion was a common theme in The Awareness by Gene Stone and Jon Doyle . To show compassion requires a desire to be sympathetic, show pity, love, and general concern for others. While in The Awareness each animal had varying ranges of emotions, such as anger, vengeance, and pity. Compassion was a common thread in each of the chapters. Compassion is a choice made, it simply requires an awareness of feelings and a decision to live with love, respect, and consideration.

First, Cooper was a dog who was thankful for, loyal to, and compassionate for, his owner Jessie. Love, respect, and compassion went both ways in their relationship. He saved her from rats attacking her while she slept, and she saved him from an animal shelter. Jessie saved Cooper from her mom shooting him, and he saved her from an attack by a coyote. He said to Jessie “You were always good to me, always.” (164) The last words he spoke to her before leaving were “I will find you,” he called, “I will find you again.” (203) Their relationship is an impeccable example of what a human/pet relationship should be like. Love and compassion.

Nancy was a majestic circus elephant, who was caring, and attentive to her peers. She comforted Joe the goat when he was scared, “she let the goat seek comfort under her.”(21) Nancy “soothed him with her trunk” (103) while he slept the night of the carnival revolution. She reached out to the Tiger who was anxious and hiding after the revolution. “Leave me with him” (122). She consoled the animal and persuaded him to join the group. When she realized the spirits of the trapped humans broke easily, she showed compassion by letting them go. Nancy’s action prove that she takes the feelings of others into consideration and is compassionate to others.. Third, The Bear showed compassion to all...
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