The Accused

Topics: Law, The Accused, United States Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: September 5, 2006
Rape is a very hard-hitting tragedy in our society. A rape is reported every 6 minutes in the United States, and every 1 rape out of 4 is a multiple rape. With these statistics it is not difficult to see why this is such an alarming topic. The director depicts this as a very serious offense that destroyed the life of a young woman. The elasticity of the judicial system is also apparent because it shows that the law can be "hoodwinked" with some quick thinking, but after a while the truth will always come out and justice will prevail. I believe the film was of great educational value because it presented the judicial system in a very accurate form. The movie did not give the judicial system 100% foolproof credibility which I believe is important. The law system of the United States is like that of any other nation. It has room for error. It was created by humanity and just like it's creator it can have imperfections. These possible imperfections are shown in the movie when the The Accused was very useful as a law-related learning tool because it gave examples of procedures in our legal system and even gave me a chance to see what a trial might be like in real life. I truly enjoyed watching this movie because Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis were very successful in playing their roles. Jodie foster was very emotional and made her frustration very evident at various points in the film. Kelly McGillis' character; Katheryn also proved to be a great actress. She was strong and educated which she mad clear when she interviewed possible witnesses and spoke in the courtroom. There is one last scene before the end credits which I think the director decided to put in intentionally. It is a black background with white lettering and it says "In the U.S a women is reported raped every 6 minutes and 1 out of every 4 of these rapes is committed by multiple offenders." I thought about this statement a lot because it seemed to me that the director wanted to leave the audience with...
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