The Accounting Software Installation Project- 2010

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M1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Leading, Creating, Implementation and

The Accounting Software Installation Project- 2010




2.Executive Summary2


3.Case analysis and underlying causes4





Bill of Materiala convenient method of combining components that are required to manufacture a product. Enables user to add costs to raw material items as fixed amount and as a percentage of raw material cost.

Firm-fixed price remains fixed unless customer and contractor agree on a change. Low risk for customer and high risk for contractor.

Price bill of quantities the prices and rates to be inserted by the Tenderer in the Bill of Quantities shall be the full inclusive prices to be paid by the Employer for the work described under the several items, and shall include full compensation for all bosts and expenses that may be required in and for the completion of all the work described and as shown on the drawings as well as all overheads, profits, incidentals and the cost of all general risks, liabilities and obligations set forth or implied in the documents on which the Tender is based.

Trade of analysis deviations from original estimates influenced by internal and external environment where only time and cost elements are allowed to go behind schedule or can be compromised.

System development Life cycle is a Project Management planning tool consisting of a set of phases or steps to be completed over the course of development of IS

Information System is a computer based system that accepts data as input, processes it and Produces information to the users


2.1. Background

Parks Corporation is a Matrix-based organization. It had 6500 staff compliment but retrenched down to 2200 people. In 1998 Parks Corporation increased its staff by about 20 percentage. This project is aimed at developing a new material for a short-range tactical missile to operate successfully through temperatures between 65 degrees Celsius to 145 degrees Celsius and that it should last more than 6 years. Lord Industries is the Prime contractor of Department of Defense (DOD). Parks Corporation is the sub-contractor of Lord Industries. The Blue Spider project – Phase 1 for improving the structural capabilities of the Spartan missile used by the army has been awarded to Parks Corporation. The contract awarded to Parks Corporation over 10 months for Phase 1 is worth 2.2 million dollars at firm-fixed price (FFP). The deal over 20 years could yield a 500 million dollars program.

Below are some of the problems identified within Parks Corporation but categorized into 3 different strategies which are basis for organizational performance and improvement:

2.2. Problems

i) Behavioral Strategy
1.Ineffective communication skills
2.Poor leadership
3.Lack of integration and coordination
4.No cognitive and co-native understanding
5.Poor customer focus
6.Lack of support
7.Lack of trust and integrity
8.Lack of interpersonal skills
9.Inappropriate team creation, involvement
10.Lack of empowerment and delegation
11.Poor meeting management
12.Lack of conflict management
13.Lack of ability to handle stress
14.Time management skills
15.Poor Quality Management Systems (QMS)

ii) Structural Strategy
1.Lack of authority and responsibility
2.Poor Balance scorecard factors
3.Lack of project methodologies
4.No evidence of project software
5.Organogram and reporting problems
6.Lack of policies and procedures
7.Lack of budgetary authority
8.Poor organizational climate
9.Poor PM documentation

iii) Operational Strategy
1.Lack of skills
2.Lack of mentoring and coaching
3.Poor planning, monitoring and control
4.Lack of learning...
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