The Account of a Gladiator

Topics: Weapon, Combat, Gladiator Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: August 14, 2011
Lexi Perardi
An Account Of A Gladiator
Finally the day had come, the emperor had declared it a public holiday, and we gladiators would hold a few games at the newly built coliseum. I remember when the coliseum had just started being built it was about 8 years ago. They said it was going to be able to hold about 50,000 spectators, have approximately 80 entrances, and consist of 4 floors. When Emperor Vespasian had come up with the idea to build this structure he sent people out to find men and women who would fight in the games held at this arena. I had been picked up from the pit, where I was a slave. They told me if I lived through three to five years of fighting I would be set free; I thought it was a fair deal. We were brought to train at special schools. The training consists of learning how to fight with a various amount of weapons, including the war chain, dagger, trident, and lasso. We received the best medical attention and 3 meals a day. It was a great change from life at the pit. Many years of training had passed, when one day they had told us we were going to become a specific kind of gladiator. Gladiator types were based on the weapons you fought with and what you wore. I became a samnite; I carried a sword or a lance, sputum, a metal helmet, and protective armor on my right arm and left leg. They told us if we won a fight we would be payed, and with just winning one fight we would get as much as a soldiers annual salary, that really hyped us up. Today was the moment of truth all the hard work would either pay off or get us killed. When we marched to the Coliseum, fans were going crazy screaming for us and cheering, they sure were excited. People poured in the entrances to see the games. Then the Emperor had announced the start of the games and the spectators went wild. The first game failed because the lions wouldn’t attack the prisoners because they were frightened from the noise. So the animal keepers were held responsible and...
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