The accordion family

Topics: Unemployment, Family, History of the Internet Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: May 11, 2014
Szu-Yun Lo
Dr. Michael W. Campbell
Fall 2013 ENGL 1302-15

1.What assumptions do they make about family life and parent-child relationship? Parents always wanted their children to receive better lives than they do, they work hard, trying to give their next generation the best they get. It’s impossible for parents to watch their young adult children, whom should have been economically independent, suffer from pressure or depression of life and would thus take care of their life expenses when they are victims of the high unemployment rate due to globalization. 2.What metaphors do you find and why have these particular metaphors entered our conversations about family? The context talks a lot about boomerang kids and anxious parents, popular known as helicopter parents. The author believes that parents nowadays are interfering too much of their child’s life. They make decisions for their kids, depriving their right to learn to be independent. This dangerous action leads to the spoil of kids, calling off their development of learning to be a competitive and capable person in facing the cruel world outside the safety net their parents provide. 3.To what extent do these stigmatize parents or young adult who share a household? All of the terms express the negative impression of an accordion family.

In your experience, does the presence of four screens in a room suggest that people are living in four largely separate realities? In my opinion, 3C products don’t always block people from interacting with each other. For instance, Internet provides interesting topics for people to talk about . When something amusing form the Internet pops out , people tend to share the facts immediately with their family or friends, they might even have a small discussion about it. Do you seen any evidence that “technology have become an alien, and alienating, force in the contemporary home’’ (para. 22)? Not really. I think technology has connected family...
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