The Accidental Tourist: The Novel and The Movie

Pages: 4 (1706 words) Published: July 18, 2010
In this paper, I am going to be comparing and contrasting the movie version and the novel entitled “The Accidental Tourist.” First, when one begins to read the book, they will notice that the opening scene takes place in a car on a rainy day. During this pivotal scene Sarah Leary asks Macon if he remembered what he said to a comment Sarah had said. She said “’I said to you the other day, I said, ‘Macon, now that Ethan’s dead I sometimes wonder if there’s any point to life.’ Do you remember what you answered?’ ‘Well not offhand,’ Macon said. ‘You said, ‘Honey, to tell the truth, it never seemed to me there was all that much point to begin with.’ Those were your exact words.’” Then she later tells Macon she wants a divorce. But, when one watches the movie, they would be deceived in two ways. First, Macon, the main character, is flying in an airplane and a man named Lucas Loomis, who does not appear until much later in the book, is with him. Secondly, if you wait a little while, you would see that Sarah and Macon are at home when they have the conversation that leads to Sarah’s divorce announcement. When I saw that I was hoping this was no indication of how the rest of the movie was going to be. But it was. Although the movie was faithful to the novel in many ways, there were several unjust moments or happenings. By that I mean they left out scenes that I felt were very important in the development, or plot, of the story. For instance, Muriel Pritchett, a lady Macon met at Meow-Bow Animal Hospital, began to train Edward for Macon because he had attacked Macon along with an assistant at the Murray Avenue Animal Hospital. A few sessions went by and everything seemed to be going fine until Edward, who always seemed to like Muriel, “sprang straight at her face. Every tooth was bare and gleaming. His lips were drawn back in a horrible grimace and flecks of white foam flew from his mouth. Muriel instantly raised the leash. She jerked it upward with both...
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