The Accidental Tourist

Topics: Change, Life Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: June 27, 2006
The novel ‘The Accidental Tourist' written by Ann Tyler demonstrates that initially change is always difficult. However it may become less complicated when unexpected relationships form and things happen. At the beginning of the novel Macon is portrayed as an orderly character caught up in almost a time warp. Through each of his relationships Macon is able to significantly change. He does this by learning to deal with people; who have trouble expressing their emotions, which insist on eating potatoes every night for dinner, and who dress exotically and dream of Paris in the springtime. Each relation is a challenge, which forced Macon to look deep inside himself and subsequently develop into a different, yet stronger person. Macon faces change which increasing courage, facing challenges that other choose to ignore.

Initially, Sarah musters up the courage to ask for a divorce from Macon. The confronting news, allows Macon to begin his transformation.. " I want a divorce" "Id like to find a place of my own as soon as we get back" Macon. Sarah cannot comprehend Macon's response to their sons' death and sees it as coldness and an inability to communicate deep emotions. Ethan's death permeates Sarah and Macon's relationship. Instead of bringing them together as a couple, the murder exacerbated the contrast in their personalities to the point where Sarah is driven to despair by Macon's reaction to it. This is an indication that Macon changing and moving on was easier said than done. " You just go on your same old way like before. Your little routines and rituals, depressing habits day after day. No comfort at all" Sarah transforms her grief into anger; she believes the world is full of evil and resents the fact that it was Macon's view all along. It is evident that Macon doesn't like to change routine when Sarah makes him return to her when she is tired of living on her own. Sarah continues to badger him, by telling him what he thinks instead of listening to...
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