The Accident

Topics: Chocolate, Hot chocolate, Cocoa solids Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: January 28, 2011
One day I witnessed one of the worst accidents ever last winter. This accident was like no other. You could see the worried looks on everyone's face. The smell in the air was foul. You could hear the traffic in the streets, a baby crying, and dogs were barking, while people whispered about this accident they were witnessing before their very eyes. The taste of peppermint and chocolate was still on my tounge from the hot chocolate I had just finished drinking. The air was very cold, a slight breeze blowing in from the west. Then right there on the corner of 3rd and Quesada the accident occurred.

As the accident happen it was like a spot light was on it. Everyone turned their heads straight towards it. Their face changed with every glance. Some look worried, some disgusted with the situation, and some actually looked a lil remorseful. You could see the area of the accident being cover with spot by spot wondering if it was ever going to end. Cars were slowing to see what was happening, only to cause traffic. It was just too hard to look at anything else. Impossible even

The smell was very foul, im guessing from the leakage.It smell almost sickening and the wind would blow it right in your face. It was strong and could burn your nose if you inhaled too hard. It almost made me sick. The mixture of the smell and the taste of hot cocoa would've been deadly. The accident wasn't the only thing they would've seen. My lunch was going to be everywhere but i was able to keep my composure. I had to see what was going on. This was going to be a memory I'd never forget.

I could feel the cold air creeping up. It was mid December so you know the air was cold. Our surroundings were pretty noisy. Dogs barking, the sounds of cars passing and people hit their squeaky breaks. Kids crying, probably because their mom wasn't paying them no attention, and all the ooo's and aww's that was referred to the accident. Then Right there in front of our very eyes, a homeless man...
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