The absolute true diary of a part-time indian

Topics: Indian reservation, Sherman Alexie, Family Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: February 24, 2014

Hope, Determination and patient are key element in a successful life.
Furthermore poverty, death and alcoholism plays a vital role in the story Absolutely True Dairy of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexei, in fact it’s a teenage boy’s ( the protagonists’) in search for his identity and determination lifted him out of poverty. This inspiring story of hope, determination and patient teaches us that thing can change.

One of the most compelling aspects of the story The Absolutely True story of a Part-Time Indian is that we see first hand how devastating and totally awful poverty is not only for individual, but for an entire community. We see how poverty has squashed hope on the reservation: how alcoholism is everywhere, a condition that leads to tons and tons of senseless death. As Arnold’s embark on his hero journey and fight for a better life, he gain knowledge, courage, and wisdom from a few unexpected places, seeking good hearted people that gave him a fair shot at succeeding in life.

Junior is an outcast on the Indian reservations in Spokane Washington. He lives with his parent, sister and grandmother in a tiny home out in the middle of no where. He describe himself as just a really “poor-ass reservation kid living with his poor-ass family on the poor-ass Spokane Indian Reservation”. He have a dog name Oscar whom was shoot by his father, due to heat exhaustion and he family couldn’t provide money to get prober treatment for their dog. His best friend Rowdy is a bully and a protector of Junior, did I mention he also belong to The Black-Eye-of-the- Month Club. He sees himself as having two different selves: Junior the outcast from the reservation and Arnold from the white fancy high school at Reardan. I admire his enduring struggle with reconciling these two different selves.

Junior mother dream was to become a college teacher at the local community college in Spokane Washington, his father dream was to become a famous “Jazz saxophone...
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